Bar and coffee shop outfitting

Thanks to its internal carpenter’s workshop, even now Groppo follows any aspect of the planning and manufacturing of fittings for bars, coffee shops, and ice-cream parlours to offer you nice, strong and tailor-made bar furniture. The highest care is devoted to the counter design ranging from the classic style of all-time coffee shops to the modern style of cutting-edge bars, but always with the fullest attention to detail and space management that has been Groppo key to success for over seventy years.

From American bar to the most classic coffee shop, from the lounge bar crowding at aperitif time to pubs with traditional wood furniture, the bar furniture solutions developed by Groppo are suitable for a wide range of places, even very different among each other. In this way, each space takes on a life of its own and may be best integrated with those technical elements (refrigerated display cabinets, counters, refrigerated ice-cream display cases, etc.) constituting the core business and allowing to reach customer satisfaction.