How can I ask for a quote for shop-fitting and what is needed to do it?

The quote for a new business is initially the most important part of the relationship between the customer and Groppo. For this reason, the company devotes all its energies to this phase: whether it be a project already developed by an external expert or simply a still undeveloped idea, Groppo will be able to identify and suggest the most suitable choices in order to make customer experience unparalleled.

Therefore, the quote may be prepared on a project already carried on by a person trusted by the customer or may be drawn up together with Groppo internal technical department and, afterwards, with sales department.

There is a lot of information that may be useful to us for the purposes of developing this phase: the place where you intend to open your new bar/shop, or where you wish to restructure it, your work experience, your preferences and so on.

Do not hesitate to contact us by calling at 0172/54113 or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you wish so, you can already send us the material you have (drawings, photos, ideas) concerning your forthcoming opening! 

Which kind of furniture may be included in Groppo supply?

The internal processing of materials, such as wood, steel, iron, corian and many others, allows Groppo to make your dreams come true by manufacturing products that are tailor-made to you and your needs. This may include all technical parts of your bar/shop (bar counters, back counters, refrigerated display cabinets, display ice-cream cases, refrigerated hanging shelves) and all the parts composing the entire aesthetical/functional organisation of spaces.

This project may also include, indeed, all what is needed to make your new bar/shop comfortable and elegant. We foresee and provide the option to have even furnishing accessories that contribute to make a place only one of its kind. You may choose and be provided with elements such as tables, chairs, wall decorations, neon or backlit signs, laser-cut logos, shop awnings and cushions… everything that can give the extra mile to your space.

Another key aspect for an opening in tune with the times is the lighting and acoustic design: with the aid of specialised technicians, Groppo is able to conduct the necessary studies to make your new space well thought-out also from these points of view. Therefore, our supply may include cutting-edge lighting and sound-absorbent systems.

Groppo also takes care of installation: the now well-established company structure will allow planning the intervention according to all of customer’s needs to optimize times and deliver the new bar/shop within the least time possible. 

Can you provide a turnkey bar/shop?

Of course! Starting from the planning phase to the construction end date, Groppo may also perform building services. We may develop together with the customer, change and implement even this aspect of shop-fitting to provide them with a 360-degree service by creating a complete and uniform environment!

Both in the planning phase and in the implementation phase, we may carry out works such as floors, wall decorations, changes in the internal allocation of premises and so on.
Thanks to internal woodcraft and metalworking units and to collaborations with external experts, which have grown stronger during over seventy years of activity, Groppo is synonym of trustworthiness and professionalism for this kind of services as well. 

Do you deal with shop-fitting only?

During its activity of over seventy years, Groppo was able to manufacture artisanal quality furniture for many sectors, which do not include only fittings for shops and other specialised points of sale. For instance, we manufacture tailor-made furniture for bars and ice cream parlours by using raw materials such as wood and steel to meet customer’s needs. These elements may also include technology such as refrigerated cooling counters or heating systems required to carry on the activity.

Likewise, we manufacture furniture for restaurants such as the Mirazur of Menton or le Cigalon of Geneva, where the use of the right type of wood, in combination with important details such as tables and chairs, succeeds in conveying deep emotions to customers. Groppo also deals with furniture of offices, such as banks or other commercial premises, in addition to the facilities needed for organising the spaces dedicated to shows and exhibitions for museums, entities, and associations.

Whether it be tailor-made furnishings for hotels or the creation of external facilities or of entire beach resorts, Groppo is beside you at any moment, from the planning phase to the implementation phase. In fact, it aims to offer you a trustworthy partner, which, where appropriate, may rely on partnerships with architect firms to help you find only the best in terms of style.

Does Groppo provide after-sale support service for its shop-fitting?

Groppo is so appreciated by the customers who over the years chose it for its furniture for shops, bars, and restaurants also because it pays the highest attention when providing its after-sale service. Our basic idea is to provide a flawless service, not only during the planning and organisation phases, but also during all operating phases. For instance, in order to optimize the times for dismantling and re-outfitting commercial premises, Groppo has a team of professionals able to coordinate works so as to allow you to resume (or start) your activity within the least time possible.

As far as shop furnishings are concerned, the after-sale support service is not limited, however, to their outfitting. This allows us to remain beside our customer to reply to their enquiries, but also to any new needs that might emerge. Calling our telephone number 0172 54113, you will find an accurate after-sale technical support service to which ask for professional advice and maintenance interventions should any problem occur to any of the equipment or furniture installed. Your satisfaction is essential to us and pushes us to give our best at any stage of our relationship with you!